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Envirocycle Mini Composter / Compost Tumbler

One look at the Envirocycle Mini Composter and we were smitten. Despite being practical gardeners who compost on a fairly large scale we just can’t help but love this little guy. For many people, such as avid gardeners or those with large families, the Envirocycle Mini Composter will be too small to be useful. But we can see this compost tumbler being really popular with a lot of people who are new to composting. This would be one of the best compost bins for those living in a condo or apartment, people living on their own, and for both students and seniors. [...]

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Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. (7 Cubic Feet)

The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. is a scaled back version of the original, larger Compost Wizard tumbler, which is a good thing, because we heard from users that when the larger original model was full it became difficult for many people to turn. The Compost Wizard Jr. is a more manageable size and is a much more practical compost tumbler for most people. The Compost Wizard Junior can hold up to 7 cubic feet of material and comes fully assembled. It consists of a large black drum shaped bin that sits horizontally on top of a base. Both the base [...]

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Envirocycle Original Composter

This compost tumbler bin is definitely the cool kid on the block. In fact, the Original Envirocycle composter is pretty much the coolest composter on the market. Everything from the design of the Envirocycle bin to the company’s advertising seems hip and cool. But just because these bins are popular with urban hipsters doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth serious consideration by the rest of us. In fact, Envirocycle composters have been around for over 20 years and are very efficient two-in-one composters; in that they efficiently create compost and collect compost tea. The Envirocycle composter comes fully assembled and is [...]

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Tumbleweed 58-Gallon Rotating Compost Tumbler

The Tumbleweed 58-Gallon Rotating Compost Tumbler is a lightweight medium sized compost bin that is very simple and easy to use. Compost tumblers are great for people who find it physically difficult to manually turn a traditional compost pile. They are also useful for those of us who just never seem to get around to turning their compost. For many of us there is always something more pressing on our list of garden chores! As with most compost tumblers the idea of the Tumbleweed bin is that turning and aerating the compost is so easy that you can do it [...]

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Lifetime Compost Tumbler (80 Gallon Composter)

We are big fans of the Lifetime compost tumblers (80 gallon) because they are such a good value. It takes a bit of time and effort to assemble this compost tumbler but we think it’s worth the effort. Here’s why: for a very reasonable price you get a heavy duty compost tumbler that is practical, solid and made to last without any useless bells and whistles that you don’t really need. The Lifetime 80 Gallon Composter has double walled panels meant to absorb heat and is said to keep the compost material quite hot even on shady days. It has an [...]

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